Stirling High School Fees 2024-2025

Stirling High School Fees 2024-2025

The Stirling High School Fees Structure 2024-2025 for the new academic year has been published below. Students, Parents and Guardians are expected to familiarize themselves with the updated fee structure before proceeding with applications.

The Management of Stirling High School has released the Fees Structure for the 2024-2025 Academic Sessions. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking.

School Fees

School Fees 2023 and Fee Structure for 2024

Please download the document – School Fee Structure 2024/2025

Apart from the school fees, the school tries to limit, as far as possible, its financial demands on parents.  As such, services such as travel for normal educational, sporting and cultural activities in the province, coaching, provision of some sporting equipment, the school magazine, the orientation camp, a name badge, and all the usual services that have been provided by the school, are included in the fee.

Stirling High School FEES STRUCTURE 2024-2025

Here is Stirling High School Fees Structure:

Student fees are broken down as follows:

  1. Application fees
  2. Acceptance deposit
  3. Tuition fees
  4. Accommodation fees
  5. Miscellaneous fees and levies
  6. Interest

Students at pay tuition fees for every course taken. These tuition fees vary from course to course and cover:

  • registration
  • all charges for classes, tutorials and laboratories
  • library access
  • compulsory personal accident insurance
  • the use of general sporting facilities
  • in the case of medical students, hospital fees for clinical instruction.

OFFICIAL Stirling High School FEES STRUCTURE 2024-2025

Stirling High School FEES