King David Schools Applications, Fees and Subjects 2024-2025

King David Schools Applications, Fees and Subjects 2024-2025

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Admissions Policy

The admissions policy is essential to articulate a formal process to regulate in a consistent manner the admission of children into the King David school system.

 The Board’s admission policy applies to two broad categories:

  •  Those pupils with both parents being Jewish, be they Orthodox or Reform, born Jewish or converted to Judaism.  As well as a child of a Jewish mother.
  • A discretionary category i.e. where neither parent is Jewish or only the father is Jewish.  This will impact the children of non-Jewish staff and where non-Jewish pupils apply for entry to the school.
  • The first category has traditionally been admitted to schools. The policy with regard to regulating this category as well as the second category is as follows:
  •  The SABJE has established Jewish Day Schools in order to promote Jewish education and in so doing, schools will continue to promote and advertise themselves to this target market with the hope of ensuring that as many Jewish students as possible are attracted to and attend Jewish Day Schools. As a consequence, Jewish children falling within the first category are to have a preference in the queue if there is any problem with capacity.
  • All application forms must be distributed with the “Proof of Judaism” form attached to them.  Heads of school may not accept a student until these forms are properly completed and signed.
  • Once a form is filled in, it must be sent to the Board for financial clearance.
  • An application will only be valid once signed by the General Director and the school is informed as much.
  • If the applicant falls into the second category then, provided capacity and resources exist, a meeting must in all cases be set up between the applicant (child and parents) and the General Director, to explain the values of the school and the expectations of the child.  The purpose of this additional meeting is to impress further upon the applicant the need for adherence to a Jewish curriculum and the Jewish ethos and requirements of the school, and for the General Director to satisfy himself that the applicant is sincere and genuinely committed to such adherence and has no ulterior motive.  If all criteria as aforesaid are met, the applicant concerned will be invited to enrol into the school system. An addendum to the school application form will be signed by the parents agreeing that their child’s participation in the King David schools is contingent upon adhering to the curricula requirements as set out in the meeting and as prescribed from time to time in the schools.
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Category 2 pupils who then choose to attend the school in these circumstances, will be required to fulfil and adhere to whatever is required by the category 1 students in attendance at all Jewish, religious cultural and other events and they will also have to study Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Although expected to attend daily prayers or festivities, these category 2 students will not be required to fulfil all Jewish ritual practices.

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