Greenside High School Subjects Offered 2024-2025

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Greenside High School Subjects Offered 2024-2025

Greenside High School Subjects Offered – see the list of courses offered at Greenside High School…

Grade 8 and 9

The subjects listed below are compulsory for all Grade 8 and 9 learners, with the exception of the choice between Afrikaans or isiZulu as a secondary language. The subjects are:

English (1st Language)

Afrikaans OR isiZulu (1s Additional Language)


Natural Sciences (NS)

Human Social Sciences (HSS)

Economic and Management Sciences (EMS)

Technology (Tech)

Life Orientation (LO)

Creative Arts

Grade 10, 11 and 12

Once a learner reaches Grade 10, they are required to take 7 subjects in order to obtain their National Senior Certificate at the end of Grade 12. These seven subjects must consist of English, the first additional language taken in Grade 8 and 9 (i.e. Afrikaans or Zulu), Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, and three subjects of the learner’s choice. These subjects are taken through to Grade 11 and 12. Subjects offered are:

See also  University of the Free State Clinical Simulation and Skills Unit

Compulsory Subjects


Afrikaans OR isiZulu

Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy

Life Orientation

And three of the following:


Business Studies

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

Consumer Studies

Engineering Graphics and Design



Information Technology (IT)

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences

Visual Arts

Dramatic Arts

Electrical Technology

It is possible for learners to take additional subjects ON TOP of the subjects listed above, held outside of the school. They will need to be taken as 8th and 9th Subjects and are subject to Grade Head approval. Ask your Grade Head for more information.

List of additional subjects offered:

Advanced Programme Mathematics

Advanced Programme English