St. Martin’s School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2024-2025

St. Martin’s School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2024-2025

St Martin’s School Johannesburg – see details of the school’s contact information, list of subjects offered, tuition fees and application for admission…

St Martin’s School Johannesburg are an independent, diverse, co-educational, Anglican school, offering boarding facilities from Grade 7 through to Grade 12. St Martin’s is especially valued by parents who want their children to be part of a rich heritage.

Its historical roots grow deep and They are proud of the many prominent South Africans who have walked the corridors of their school. This richness of heritage continues to impact profoundly on all their pupils who are privileged to walk the very same corridors.

Here they make sure that your child is up-to-date with educational trends. Their Singapore Maths and Thrash curriculum incorporate internationally accredited methodology.

Here they know that your modern child learns in a particular way, and they’ve catered for that. They, therefore, use bite-sized learning and gamification and remove the ‘fluff.’

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St. Martin’s School Application Form

Application Form


To begin an enrolment process for a day scholar, kindly complete an application form, by selecting one of the three options below.

To enrol your child into boarding, kindly complete an enrolment application form and submit the application together with a boarding application form. Boarding is available for full-time students from Grade 7 to Matric.

Option 1

Complete your application form online.

Complete your boarding application form online.

Option 2

Download your application form.

Download your boarding application form.

Option 3

Obtain a form from the school office

A non-refundable registration fee of R100 is required.

Please supply supporting documentation:

    • Three months bank statements of the fee payers’ bank account
    • Copy of learner’s most recent report from their current school
    • Certified copy of child’s birth certificate
    • Certified copies of school reports: latest end-of-term report and latest end-of-year report
    • Letter of reference from the previous school
    • Final fee statement from the previous school
    • If the child’s parents are divorced, please provide a certified copy of the divorce order
    • Three months payslips

Submitting forms and documentation

Application Forms may be:

Next Steps

Once the application form is received, together with the supporting documentation, you will be contacted to complete the application process with either an entrance test and/or an interview.

Fee Structure

New Competitive Tuition Fees as of January 2024.
Please note, that the fees detailed below are tuition only. A full fee schedule will be published soon.


Ancillary Levy, Boarding and outsourced sports costs are over and above the tuition fee.

St Martin’s new tuition fees, effective January 2025. Per Annum Per Term Per Month January to October
SCHOOL FEES Rands Rands Rands
Day Pupils Grade 000
(Children from two and a half years old)
65 000 21 667 6 500
Grade 00 65 000 21 667 6 500
Grade 0 65 000 21 667 6 500
Grade 1 80 000 26 667 8 000
Grade 2 80 000 26 667 8 000
Grade 3 80 000 26 667 8 000
Grade 4 105 000 35 000 10 500
Grade 5 105 000 35 000 10 500
Grade 6 105 000 35 000 10 500
Grade 7 105 000 35 000 10 500
Form One – Form Four 115 000 38 333 11 500
Form Five 120 000 40 000 12 000



Monthly payments are to be made over a 10-month period from January to October. All fees, levies and ancillary charges are due on the first day of each term Per Annum Per Term Per Month January to October
SCHOOL FEES Rands Rands Rands
Day Pupils Grade 000
(Children from two and a half years old)
48 490 16 163 4 849
Grade 00 58 590 19 530 5 859
Grade 0 68 600 22 867 6 860
Grade 1 75 555 25 185 7 556
Grade 2 75 555 25 185 7 556
Grade 3 75 555 25 185 7 556
Grade 4 85 695 28 565 8 570
Grade 5 88 940 29 647 8 894
Grade 6 88 940 29 647 8 894
Grade 7 94 070 31 357 9 407
Grade 8 123 585 41 195 12 359
Grade 9 142 830 47 610 14 283
Grade 10 – 12 144 210 48 070 14 421
Boarders (Excluding Tuition Fees)
Grade 7 – 12 105 000 35 000 10 500
Grade 7 -12
(Weekly Boarding: Mon to Fri)
R2 625/
per week
Ancillary Levy
Grade 000 – 7 5 535 1 845 554
Grade 8 – 12 2 055 685 206
Other Charges
Text Books and Stationery Grade 8 – 12 (compulsory) To be charged
External IEB Exam Grade 12 To be charged
Swimming Lessons Grade 000 – 2 To be charged
Optional Extras
Breakfast Grade 1 – 12 8 280 2 760 828
Lunch Grade 1 – 12 10 000 3 333 1 000
Dinner Grade 1 – 12 8 450 2 817 845
Bus Service 13 000 4 333 1 300
Afternoon Supervision Grade 000 – 0 Included in the tuition fee
Afternoon Supervision Grade 1 – 7 R110/per afternoon
Educational Levy 1 550 517 155
PSA 200 Club 280 93 28

Enrolment Fee:
Upon acceptance of a place, an enrolment fee of R12,000 per student is payable.

Family Discount:
1st Child: Full tuition fee
2nd Child: 2.5% discount on the tuition fee
3rd Child: 5% discount on the tuition fee
4th Child: 10% discount on the tuition fee

The School has 3 Payment Options, these are as follows:

  1. Annual Fees are payable by the 31st of January 2024. A discount of 4.5% will be applied when annual fees are paid by 31st December 2024.
  2. Termly Fees are payable on the first day of the term.
  3. Monthly Fees are payable on the first day of each month from January to October via the School’s Debit Order system. If payments are not paid annually or termly in advance, it will be assumed that fees will be paid in advance from January to October.

One school term’s notice is required when withdrawing a student from the school and/or discontinuing boarding.

Deposits and Fees to be effected by direct transfer to:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: The Glen
Branch Code: 006005
Account Number: 002860929
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

NB All fees and charges may be reviewed during the course of the year.


Fee Payment Policy

Attention is drawn to the relevant clauses in the school’s application form and in the acceptance of place form, respectively.

Deposits to secure the placement of a student are due and payable in accordance with the written notification provided to prospective parents upon their child being offered a place at the school. The deposit must be accompanied by a signed acceptance of place form.

(In the event of a child having divorced parents, the school must be supplied with a certified copy of the divorce court order.)

In the event of a parent wishing to withdraw their child(ren), a full term’s notice, in advance, is required. Failing that, the school will charge a term’s fees in lieu of notice.

The deposit, paid upon a child’s admission to the school, will only be refunded once the fee account has been finalised upon the child’s withdrawal from the school.

See also  University of Cape Town UCT Exams 2023-2024

The fee discount policy forms part of the enrolment contract and is as follows:

Option 1:
Where the year’s tuition fees (i.e. for all three terms in the calendar year) are paid in full by 31 January, and where there are no arrears, a discount of 4.5% on the full year’s tuition will be awarded.

Option 2:
Where two terms’ tuition fees are paid in full by the first Friday of the Easter Term or Trinity Term and there are no arrears, a discount of 2.0% will be awarded.

Option 3:
Fees may be paid in advance in equal instalments over 10 months from January to October through the school debit order system.

Please note that the fee discount level will be adjusted from time to time in line with interest rates prevailing in the marketplace.

Parents who wish to make use of the above options, need to have the full year’s fees calculated accurately by the credit controller before making payment. Please note that the discounts do not apply to ancillary charges, sports and cultural tours, and boarding fees. (No child may participate in a sports or cultural tour unless and until their fee account has been brought up to date and paid in full).

In the event that fees are not paid annually in advance, fees are due and payable, in advance, on the FIRST DAY of each term, unless prior arrangements have been agreed to by the school. Fees paid annually in advance may be paid via credit card or EFT. Option 2 and 3 fees are to be paid via debit order through the school system.

When making direct payments into the school’s bank account, please use the following:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: The Glen
Branch Code: 006005
Account Number: 002860929

Any bursary(ies) or scholarship(s) awarded to a student will only be reflected on the fee statement when the parents/guardians have paid in full the amount(s) for which they are responsible.

Please note that the payment of any and all charges incurred by the school due to the dishonouring of payments by the bank(s), or any reversal of payment(s) by parents, will be for the account of the parent(s). Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts. Any costs incurred by the school in the recovery of unpaid and/or overdue fees, ancillary and collection charges will be for the account of the parent(s).

This policy will be reviewed and amended by the school as and when this becomes necessary.