Graeme College Fee Structure 2024-2025

Graeme College Fee Structure 2024-2025

Graeme College Fee Structure | See details below:



Full settlement of annual school fees on or before the first day of the school year, or entrance into school. Full, up-front payment or settlement in full before 28 February 2018 will entitle a parent to a 5% discount.

Monthly payments per written request in January (of each year) to the School Bursar [R2 000 on the first day of the first term and balance in 10 [ten] equal monthly instalments at the start of each month [01 February – 01 November].

Defaulters: Both biological parents / legal guardians are responsible for fees, irrespective of marital status. Non-payment of accounts will be dealt with as per School policy. Graeme College Fee Structure


Gr 00 to 3

Gr 4 to 7

Gr 8 to 12

Annual Fee

R19 300

R19 600

R21 600

Payable as:


The initial payment on 1st day of 2018

R2 000

R2 000

R2 000


Balance paid in 10 equal, monthly instalments

R1 730

R1 760

R1 960

3)Gr 00-3 fees include all stationery packs, book bags, etc.

Outsourced Charges (Annual Fee)

Payable to Graeme College

Payable to Johan Carinus Art Centre

Art (Grades 5 – 9)

R 370

Art (Grade 10 – 12)

R1 520

Music (Piano)

R2 900

Visual Art & Design

R2 640

2. GRANT HOUSE (BOARDING) FEE (Grade 4 – 12)The boarding fee for all grades is R42 200 per year

(R10 550 per term payable on or before the first day of each term)

No boarder may return to Grant House with outstanding fees. Boarders who do so, will be returned home by bus. (See Page 2)

3. AFTER CARE FEE (Grade 00 – 7)

1 or 2 days pw

3 days pw

4 days pw

5 days pw

Annual fee

R2 600

R3 900

R5 300

R6 500

Payable as:

1) Termly payments on or before the start of each term



R1 325

R1 625

2)Balance paid in 10 equal, monthly instalments

from January to October






In terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools’ Act (SASA), biological parents / legal guardians have a legal obligation to pay school fees. This is a statutory debt and must be met by biological parents / legal guardians. The Act does not distinguish between a married, divorced or single parent. A learner only has a single parent when the other parent is deceased, not when there has been a divorce or never a marriage at all. Divorced parents remain the learner’s parents, irrespective of their altered marital status. Graeme College Fee Structure

The School adopts and implements the exemptions regulated as gazette in October 2006. Unless a learner has only one parent, both biological parents’ / legal guardian’s income must be taken into account when an application for exemption is considered.

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Both biological parents / legal guardians are responsible for their child’s education, and, in terms of SASA, a school may demand payment of the school fees from both OR any one of a learner’s biological parents / legal guardians.

School fees are a statutory obligation, which a learner’s biological parents / legal guardians must pay and the parents / legal guardians (married, unmarried or divorced) are jointly and severally liable.

One biological parent / legal guardian may enrol the learner at Graeme College, and, as per the admission form, we will use that address, as “domicillium citandi et executandi”. Graeme College will send letters or accounts addressed to both biological parents / legal guardians to that address. It is that parent’s responsibility to pass any and all information on to their ex-husband/wife/partner / other parent or legal guardian.



: Standard Bank

Branch :


Branch Code: 050917

Account Name

: Graeme College

Account No. :


Fax deposit slip to

: 046-622 7491 / 622 4250

Reference :

Initial, Surname & Grade



Graeme College is a fee-paying school. The school fees biological parents / legal guardians pay to cover the school programme. The school programme includes the academic programme determined by the School Governing Body from subjects promulgated by the Department of Education and the extra-curricular programme determined by the School Governing Body. Where offerings are on a voluntary basis, an additional cost is incurred. Your school fees do not cover individual and small group music lessons, sports tours and stationery requirements (excluding Gr 00 – 3). Fees will be raised in full at the beginning of each year.

MUSIC FEES: Fees for individual and group music lessons are payable in advance. Should school fees be in arrears, learners will not be permitted to continue with individual or group lessons until the school fees and music fees have been paid. Should you receive a fee exemption, your son will not be eligible to receive group or individual music lessons.

PRESCHOOL AND AFTERCARE: No fee exemption is available on Grade 00, R and Aftercare fees. Non-payment will result in the child not being allowed to make use of this service.

OUTINGS: Money received by the school will first be allocated to the paying of school fees before being used to pay for tours and outings.

FEE EXEMPTIONS: Graeme College Fee Exemption documents are available from the Finance Manager. Please apply in writing, before the end of January each year, to the Finance Manager if you require these forms. Fee Exemption applications must be submitted annually. The forms must be completed and returned to the Finance Manager within one month of issue.


No fee exemption is available for boarding fees;

If biological parents / legal guardians do not honour their agreement for payments, they will be reminded that non-payment will result in the border being returned home, at the expense of the parent/guardian. The border will be deemed to be in the care of the parent/guardians when he boards the bus home;

Please refer to LEGAL ACTION below;

Boarders leaving Grant House or being expelled from Grant house during the course of the year: in terms of the

Memorandum of Agreement, biological parents / legal guardians must give one term’s notice but may write to the School

Governing Body, requesting that the notice period be waived.


Please note that biological parents / legal guardians are jointly and severally liable for school and boarding fees;

Please see above for action in terms of Boarding Fees;

The School can record the non-performance on school fee obligations to a Bureau;

The School has the right to verify all information supplied to them;

All accounts are payable in advance. Fees will be raised in full at the beginning of each year. Once a biological parent / legal guardian defaults on any payment, the full amount becomes payable immediately, and a warning letter will be issued for the full amount;

Accounts 90 days in arrears will be handed over to our attorney, and/or as per the policies determined by the School Governing Body;

When a biological parent / legal guardian defaults on school fee payment, action will be taken as per the Financial Policy of Graeme College;

In the event of legal action being instituted against the biological parent(s) / legal guardian(s) and legal costs do arise, the parent/guardian will be held liable for these costs.

TEXT BOOKS: All books not returned at the end of each academic year will be charged to the learner’s account at R150 per book, or more if the book costs more to replace.

REGIONAL/PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATION: In most cases, the School is responsible for transport and organisation for regional/provincial trials, but once the learner is selected as part of a regional/provincial team the responsibility of transportation is transferred to the biological parents / legal guardians. Graeme College Fee Structure.

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