UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Courses

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UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Courses

UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Courses – see the list of courses offered at the faculty…

Degrees offered

The Faculty offers a wide range of programmes and specialisations at postgraduate level, providing exciting opportunities for further study and research. Programmes at Postgraduate Diploma, Honours, Masters and PhD are organised primarily within the departments, but the processing of applications for admission into the programmes are administered by the Faculty Office. Rules and guidelines for the degrees may be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Policies and guidelines for the degrees are developed by the Faculty’s Postgraduate Planning and Administration Committee for approval by the Faculty Board and, where appropriate, by Senate. The Committee is chaired by a Deputy Dean.

The Faculty offers a wide range of research specialisations and postgraduate courses.

Architecture, Planning & Geomatics  postgraduate courses

Chemical Engineering  postgraduate courses

Civil Engineering  postgraduate courses

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Construction and Property Studies  postgraduate courses

Electrical Engineering  postgraduate courses

Mechanical Engineering  postgraduate courses

Entrance requirements

Details are set out in the Faculty Handbook. The standard minimum requirements for admission are as follows. Selection is based on an applicant’s academic record.

Honours degrees

A three-year bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field.

Postgraduate diplomas and Masters’s degrees

An appropriate four-year bachelor’s degree or Honours equivalent is required, but applicants who are holders of three-year qualifications plus a minimum of 5 years relevant senior working experience (post-Bachelors qualification) may be considered for admission.

Postgraduate Diploma in Power Plant Engineering

Masters’s Degrees in City & Regional Planning, City Planning & Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture: for these structured two-year Masters’s degrees in the School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics an appropriate three-year Bachelor’s qualification.

Doctoral degrees

At the doctoral degree level, three qualifications are offered:

The PhD: this is a University-wide research degree. The standard entrance requirement is a Masters’s degree

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The DArch and the DSc(Eng): these are rarely awarded senior doctorates, for example for published work which has established the author as a world authority. Detailed information on doctoral degrees is obtainable from the Faculty Office.

UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Undergraduate Courses

UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Postgraduate Courses