Rhodes University Department of Management

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Rhodes University Department of Management

Rhodes University Department of Management

Rhodes University Department of Management – See Details Below:


What does the study of Management involve?This is a question which first year Commerce students and prospective Commerce students might well ask. To answer this question, one first needs to define the purpose of a business organisation.

In simple terms, the purpose of a business is to make a profit by selling products and/or services at an affordable price that satisfy the needs of consumers. This, however, does not happen by accident. It has to be made to happen and the management process is indispensable in ensuring that it happens. As such, management may be defined as:

a process whereby people in leading positions use human and other resources as efficiently as possible in order to provide specific products and/or services, with the aim of meeting the needs of consumers/customers as a means of achieving the stated goals of the business, of which profit is one of the most important.

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To ensure that a business organisation fulfils its purpose and achieves its objectives, it is generally accepted that certain functions have to be performed as follows:-

Rhodes University Department of Management Mission Statement

Purpose Statement

In pursuit of this goal, the Department of Management strives to equip both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as practising managers, for the world of work in a national and global business environment which is competitive and dynamic.
In fulfilling this mission, the Department of Management undertakes:

  • To provide students both graduate and undergraduate with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in General Management;
  • To provide postgraduate students from disciplines other than Management, with the skills and knowledge to start up their own businesses and/or pursue careers in business;
  • To provide management education to students which fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership;
  • To provide opportunities for staff development so that members of staff can enhance their skills and knowledge as professional teachers and researchers;
  • To pursue excellence in its teaching which involves being innovative and up-to-date at all times;
  • To foster good relationships and an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between members of staff in the Department;
  • To mount external courses for individuals in private, public and non-profit sectors in order to provide them with relevant, up-to-date skills and knowledge to enable them to cope efficiently and effectively with an ever-changing business environment;
  • To publish its research in national and international journals, as well as to present papers at conferences, both nationally and internationally;
  • To contribute its expertise to the community.
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Within the discipline of ManagementWe set the trend in educating and developing students to be critical thinkers & responsible global citizens.
We pursue our business of management education and research with passion and curiosity.

Vision StatementThe Department of Management sets the trend through:

  • Generating research-based management knowledge and solutions
  • Graduating preferred leaders of tomorrow
  • Generating and applying best practice in teaching, learning and research
  • Dynamic staff dedicated to lifelong learning


  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Co-operation
  • Respect
  • Excellence