King Hintsa TVET College Bursary 2023-2024

King Hintsa TVET College Bursary 2023-2024

King Hintsa TVET College Bursary 2023 – See Details Below:

Bursary Application

DOE TVET College Bursary Scheme

Department of Higher Education and Training bursaries are available for National Certificate Vocational courses and Report 191 (NATED or ‘N’) courses at public TVET Colleges to students who meet the criteria. These bursaries are not loans. The bursaries are administered by the National Student Financial Aid Service (NSFAS).

Through the bursary scheme, the Department of Education provides access to vocational education and training at public TVET Colleges for talented students to assist them in the payment of fees.

The requirements for the TVET Colleges Bursary Scheme are:

  • South African Citizenship
  • Enrolled or intending to enrol at a Public TVET College
  • In need of financial assistance
  • Able to demonstrate potential for academic success

You can DOWNLOAD the NSFAS Bursary Application Form at

The TVET College sector has a growing role to play in the provision of the intermediate to higher-level skills required to support economic growth and development, and the King Hintsa TVET College firmly believes that these bursaries will contribute to skills development.

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The bursary applications will be processed using a strict evaluation system controlled by NSFAS.

Additionally, you will have to:

  • Provide all required documentation and evidence in full.
  • Complete an NSFAS agreement, subject to their approval.

Who receives funds?

Successful applicants will have the funds paid directly to the College on their behalf. The students receive no payment themselves.

The means test has established a set of norms that are incorporated within their official bursary evaluation system. The exact terms of this are confidential and it takes a variety of factors into account. Since the criteria above are weighted by the system, and personal hardship (for which documentation is required) is taken into account, rather apply than try to guess the outcome.