Mnambithi TVET College Financial Aid

Mnambithi TVET College Financial Aid

Mnambithi TVET College Financial Aid 2022-2023

Mnambithi TVET College Financial Aid 2022-2023 – See Details Below:

Financial Aid

Student Accounts

  • Visit the administration office to get a detailed printout of your outstanding fees.
  • Visit the Student Support Centre at the main campus for information on financial aid.
  • Skills Centre students:  SLO will visit the skills centre according to a schedule, at least once a week.  You can also get more information from your lecturers.

DHET  TVET Colleges Bursary Scheme

The Department of Further Education & Training’s TVET Colleges Bursary Scheme has been established to assist students who have the potential to succeed at NC(V) or N2-N6 studies, but would not be able to do so without financial aid.

  • How to apply:

Obtain an application form from Student Support Services. Complete the form, attach all documents as per checklist and return it to the Student Support Services at the campus. Ensure that you submit your form BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE.  Student Support Services will apply the NSFAS means test.  If the student qualifies for a bursary, Student Support Services will issue a Provisional Approved Bursary Letter. Qualifying applications will then be submitted to the Mnambithi TVET College Bursary Committee for final approval and submission to NSFAS. Bursaries will be awarded based on financial need and academic performance within the confines of the funds allocated to the College by the Department of Higher Education & Training.  A student will only be awarded one bursary per level.

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IMPORTANT: Students enrolling for NC(V) programmes are required to pay 25% of their fees on registration. However, students who provisionally qualify for a bursary will be exempted to pay this deposit.  Students’ guardian/parents who do not pay their full class fees during registration will need to sign a contract to pay the outstanding fees for their programme, according to college requirements and deadlines, and not rely on receiving a bursary.  Bursary funds are limited, and awarded according to strict pre-determined criteria. Students who do not receive bursaries will be liable for their own outstanding student accounts.