University of the Free State UFS Nursing Courses Offered

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University of the Free State UFS Nursing Courses Offered

University of the Free State UFS Nursing Courses Offered – check below;

Undergraduate Degree

BSocSc (Nursing) is a four-year degree. After successful completion of BSocSc (Nursing) and meeting the minimum requirements prescribed for education and training, students will be registered as a nurse (general, psychiatric and community health) and midwife with the South African Nursing Council. Graduates from the School of Nursing are in demand. Numerous work opportunities exist.

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Nursing (BSocSci (Nursing)), Undergraduate
[SANC: General, Psychiatric, Community Health and Midwife]. Duration 4 years, NQF Level 8, 584 credits. *

Advanced University Diplomas in Nursing

The School of Nursing, University of the Free State, offers advanced diplomas at level 7 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). These diplomas, which culminate in a post-basic qualification, comprise both fundamental and core modules. After successful completion of the relevant qualification, students will be registered with the South African Nursing Council.

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Advanced diplomas in several specialisation areas are offered at the School of Nursing, University of the Free State.

Admission requirements

  • A generic degree or diploma in nursing is required.
  • Students must be registered as general nurses with the South African Nursing Council or another recognised councils.
  • Selection criteria are applicable to certain programmes.

Prospective students must apply to the programme before 30 September of every year.


Advanced University Diploma [Speciality]. Duration 1 year, NQF Level 7.

  • Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology [SANC: Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology], 120 credits
  • Child Psychiatric Nursing [SANC: Child Psychiatric Nursing], 120 credits
  • Critical Care Nursing: General [SANC: Critical Care Nursing], 120 credits
  • Healthcare Management [SANC: Nursing Administration], 124 credits
  • Nursing Education [SANC: Nursing Education], 128 credits
  • Occupational Health Nursing [SANC: Occupational Health Nursing Science], 136 credits
  • Operating Theatre Nursing Science [SANC: Operating Theatre Nursing], 120 credits
  • Paediatric Nursing [SANC: Child Health Nursing], 120 credits
  • Primary Clinical Healthcare [SANC: Clinical Nursing Science, Health Assessment, Treatment and Care], 120 credits
  • Psychiatric Nursing [SANC: Psychiatric Nursing Science], 120 credits
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Postgraduate Qualifications

The School of Nursing offers an MSocSc (Nursing), a two-year degree obtained by means of research and a dissertation.

A PhD can be obtained by conducting high-level original research that contributes significantly to the science of nursing.

Postgraduate Programme: MSocSc (Nursing) and PhD – Application for Postgraduate Study

Short learning programmes

The Academy for Continuing Nursing Education was established within the School to present Short Learning Programmes. These programmes are accredited. They vary in duration from 1 to 10 days, and in most instances, these days are not successive, which makes them more accessible to the working professional. These credits may also be acknowledged for present study requirements, or for studies undertaken in the future (subject to certain conditions).

Many of the short learning programmes are unique and are not offered elsewhere, or they are the first of their kind to be offered at all. Refer to the SLP booklet and Application form.

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For further information on the short learning programmes, please contact Diane Keegan