University of Limpopo Geography and Environmental studies Department

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University of Limpopo Geography and Environmental studies Department

University of Limpopo Geography and Environmental studies Department

University of Limpopo Geography Department – See Details Below:

Geography and Environmental Studies is concerned with the study of the total environment. This means, the study of the human populations, their social and economic activities and the effect of these human activities on their natural/physical environment – the land, soil and vegetation, water bodies and the lower atmosphere in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, with an emphasis on the integrated/systems approach in the study of:

  • The inter-relationships among the components of the natural environment;
  • How human activities modify their natural environments;
  • The consequences of such human modifications; and
  • How we, as environmental managers, can intervene in controlling the human activities and in mitigating the negative consequences.

The department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers training at both the under-graduate and post-graduate levels. From January 2012, the undergraduate programme offers a four-year training leading to the BSc in Environmental and Resource Studies.

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Modules offered cover the systematic fields of Physical and Human Geography (including the Regional Geographies of South Africa, Africa and the World) and the applied fields such as Applied Geomorphology and Climatology, Water Resources, Tourism, Natural Resource Ecology, Environmental Management modules, Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS applications modules.

The department also offers service modules not only to other departments in our School, but also to Schools in the Faculties of Humanities and Management Sciences and Law.

In the department, post-graduate training at the honours level is through course-work, and offered mainly to full-time; part-time students may be considered. Post-graduate training at the Masters and Doctoral levels is currently only through research and is available to both full-time and part-time students. Specialisations can be available in: Geomorphology, Climatology, Biogeography (the geography of soils and vegetation), Natural Resource Ecology, Waste Management, Tourism Studies, Surface Water Resources, Population, Settlement, Transport Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing applications.

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Training in the department is strongly supported by research methods and analytical techniques, and by field and laboratory training in Computer Assisted Cartography, RS and GIS, and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of existing development projects in the Limpopo Province.

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