University of the Free State UFS Department of Fine Arts

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University of the Free State UFS Department of Fine Arts

University of the Free State UFS Department of Fine Arts – Check below:

The BA Fine Arts degree focusses on developing the technical, conceptual and creative problem solving skills which prepare you for a life time of careers in a changing professional world. You will explore a wide range of artistic practices which vary from traditional to contemporary. These would include installation, digital arts, animation, video, land art, painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

During the first two year students complete a solid foundation of all compulsory practical modules which cover all the mediums and media offered at the department. During this foundation period the student also includes a BA general subject of their choice (for example psychology, English, Sign language etc).

During the third and fourth years students have the flexibility to decide which medium or mediums they would like to specialize in. Art History and Image Studies remains a compulsory module throughout the program. Once the four year BA Fine Arts degree is completed the student qualifies with the equivalent of an honours and may therefore move directly into the MA Fine Arts program (student must have 65% and above to qualify).

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Academic staff are highly qualified and practicing artist themselves. Prof. Willem Boshoff is a world renowned artist and forms part of the academic staff members at the department. He presents a land art project in Richmond to the fist years as well as drawing to senior students. Due to the nature of the year groups being small, students have the benefit of being part of a select, friendly peer group as well as receiving quality one on one time with lectures consistently throughout the program.


Fine Arts Department
Internal Box 24
University of the Free State
PO Box 339


T: +27 51 401 2282
Facebook: Fine Arts Department