University of Stellenbosch School of Human Resource Development

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University of Stellenbosch  School of Human Resource


University of Stellenbosch Human Resource Development School

University of Stellenbosch School of Human Resource – See Details Below:

Focus of School For Human Resource Development:

The School aims to develop the potential of members of the South African National Defence Force. The content of the school are theoretically based with modules in Industrial Psychology, Commercial, Criminal Law, English Studies, Computer Literacy, Academic Writing,  and Management of Cultural Diversity.

The School focuses on themes like Leadership Development, Management of Cultural Diversity, Operational Psychology, Peacekeeping Psychology, Criminal and Military Law, Research Methodology and Statistics, and Critical Reading, Thinking, Speaking and Writing. It is therefore developed for future Commanders, and junior and senior Intelligence-, Personnel- and Operational officers.

The school provides the student with knowledge and skills to orientate him/her in, and prepare them for the setting in which the military in general and the officer in particular, operate; and endeavours to lay the foundation for life-long study with a view to sustained professional and personal development.

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