Rhodes University Faculty of Education and Departments

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Rhodes University Faculty of Education and Departments

Rhodes University Faculty of Education and Departments – See Details Below:

Established in 1913, the Rhodes University Education Department, offered an initial teacher education qualification for students wishing to teach in secondary schools. One hundred and seven years later, the academic endeavour has expanded and diversified, with the Education Department now forming the core of an Education Faculty which offers a range of qualificatons within and across four broad education sectors, namely higher education, formal schooling, early childhood education and education and training development.

 Living Education

 A Faculty of Education that is

… the first choice for educator development in South Africa

… known for cutting edge scholarship in education, training and development practices

… actively engaged in shaping education policy, systems, and intellectual fields

… impacting positively on lives, communities and wider society

… intensely local and at the same time intensely global

… embracing diversity and leading broad transformation that is more than assimilation

… reflexive, evaluative and self-renewing with opportunities for all to grow

… an inspirational, supportive and collegial place in which to work

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