University of Limpopo Bursaries 2023-2024

University of Limpopo Bursaries 2023-2024

University of Limpopo Bursaries 2023 – See Details Below:


13.1.1 Before embarking on their studies, students need to do proper financial planning and explore all the available financial avenues. Students should apply for bursaries from other sources outside the University of Limpopo as well.

13.1.2 It is advised that students applying for assistance at the University of Limpopo should not assume that the application will be successful, as the number of applications far exceeds the available loans/bursaries/awards.

13.1.3 While awaiting the outcome of the application that does not relieve students of the obligation to settle their debt by the payment dates.


13.2.11 ST Year students: Students who have passed their Matriculation examinations exceptionally well with an average of 70% and above, may qualify for a rebate on their tuition fee.

13.2.2 Returning students: Returning students who have achieved an average of 70%- 75% qualify for a tuition upfront payment waiver, and those who achieved 76% and above qualify for the total tuition fee waiver.

13.2.3 Postgraduate merit: R10 000 postgraduate merit bursary is awarded once in the

full duration of the course and is only offered to the students who have completed it in record time.

13.2.4 Please note that all merit bursaries must be applied for annually at the Financial Aid Office. They must have obtained 60% in the final year of their undergraduate study for the subject(s) or course(s) for which they intend to pursue their postgraduate degree


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i. The merit bursary capped for the total amount of tuition levied in the academic year of registration for the stipulated period of study will be awarded.

ii. Eligible students who fail to successfully complete their studies within the stipulated period will forfeit the merit bursary awarded to them.

iii. Students who receive other tuition fee support from their employers or from other sources will forfeit the merit bursary.

iv. Students who are registering for the qualification equivalent to the one who already received a merit bursary will not qualify for the merit bursary again.

v. Students who have previously registered with other institutions for the same qualification do not qualify for the merit bursary.

vi. The University reserves the right to withdraw the merit bursary should the student fail to disclose any material facts pertaining to the conditions for the awarding of the merit bursary.

vii. No retrospective application will be permitted for the merit bursary.

viii . NB. (Students will still be responsible to pay administration fees, local levy fees and residence fees).

ix. The following documents should be attached to the application form:

a)An acceptance letter from the School indicating the student number, degree and discipline.

b)Certified copy of the detailed transcript of academic records.

c)Certified copy of degree Certificates.

d)Certified copy of ID

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13.3.1 The objective of the NSFAS bursary-loan scheme is to offer financial support to full-time students (current and prospective) with academic potential.

13.3.2 All prospective and returning students who are RSA citizens, studying full-time at the undergraduate level and who are financially needy and have the potential to succeed academically are eligible for assistance.

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13.3.3 All eligible students must every year collect or request an application form from the Financial Aid Office complete and return it before the closing date.

Closing dates:

i. Registered students: Mid October

ii. First-year students: Mid-March

Who qualifies for NSFAS:

i. South African citizens

ii. A financially needy student

iii .A student who demonstrates potential for academic success

iv .A student registered at a South African university/ technikon, studying for a first tertiary educational qualification

v. A student studying for a second tertiary qualification if it will enable the student to practice in a chosen profession e.g. HDE


Documents which should accompany the application forms:

i. Certified copy of ID document /passport of Student/mother/father/guardian/wife/husband

ii. Original/certified copy of pay- slips/pension slips for both Parents/guardian /spouse (these should not be older than three 3 months)

iii. In the case of deceased parents, attach certified Death Certificates

iv. If parents are divorced, attach a copy of the decree of divorce

v. If parents/guardian/spouse are self-employed, attach a copy of the latest financial statement

vi. If parents are unemployed, attach sworn affidavits accompanied by a report from a social worker, religious leader /traditional leader or Council

vii. An amount for income must be provided on all affidavits

viii. If parents are separated, attach pay slips of both and an official letter from the social worker or religious leader confirming the separation

ix. Certified copy of previous degree or diploma certificate

x. If you are currently in in-service training, attach a pay — slip or provide the University with proof from your employer stating whether your study leave is paid or unpaid

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xi. ID copies/birth certificates or letters from the school of other family members

xii. Proof of registration for siblings at other tertiary institutions

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13.4.1 The aim of the Fundza Lushaka education bursary is to offer financial support to students with academic potential and a commitment to undertaking professional teaching education.

13.4.2 After qualifying, the students must enter the service of the department of education in a departmental post at a provincial school for each year the bursary was awarded.

13.4.3 The scheme is available to full-time, undergraduate students who meet the requirements.

13.4.4 Enquiries with regard to the bursary may be directed to Financial Aid Office.

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For more information on other bursaries enquire at Financial Aid Office at 015 268 2405.

13.6 University of Limpopo Bursaries POSTGRADUATE BURSARIES

13.6.1 Various postgraduate bursaries are available and for more information on these bursaries contact the Financial Aid Office.

13.6.2 For NRF please apply online for NRF at