Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design Career

Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design Career

Jobs in Fashion

Fashion Entrepreneurship

The fashion entrepreneur needs to be creative when exploring marketing activities relating to an original product or service concept. The concept developed by the entrepreneur will offer the potential for business development and employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs or business owners need to be aware of current industrial and or business practice and the tactical use of varied marketing services

Fashion Buyers

The fashion buyer should have detailed knowledge in the main areas of sourcing and supply chain management and demonstrate a critical awareness of sourcing, supply chain issues and management which can be applied within the fashion industry. This knowledge should include an understanding of the key terms, concepts, facts and principles, rules and theories of the field, discipline or practice.

Garment Technologist

Once a design is decided upon, the next stage of the process is to transform the design concept into a three-dimensional garment. The garment technologist will be able to integrate their fashion wear production knowledge with their knowledge of accurate and high-quality garment construction.

Pattern Makers

A pattern maker will have a vast knowledge of pattern development, fit, sizing and adjustment practices necessary to alter or adjust patterns constructed. The pattern maker should combine their knowledge of pattern making with their knowledge of garment construction in order to create a well-fitted end garment.

Fashion Illustrators

A fashion illustrator will demonstrate knowledge of an area or areas of specialisation and how that knowledge relates to other fields, disciplines or practices. A fashion illustrator will possess the skills needed to visually communicate advanced design ideas for the development of fashion design and the ability to apply design skills and creative development through the use of computer applications and digital methods.

Fashion Designer for Individual

The fashion designer for the individual will possess the skills required to design an artefact or artefacts to a brief developed with a client, to satisfy a particular requirement. It is necessary to communicate effectively with the client throughout all the stages of the design process to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the requirements. In addition, negotiation, research, planning and evaluation are key activities before final ideas can be presented to clients.