University of Fort Hare UFH Masters Degree Courses Offered

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University of Fort Hare UFH Masters Degree Courses Offered – check below:

Faculty of Management and Commerce Courses Offered

4. Master of Commerce: M Com
15. Master of Public Administration: MPA
16. Master of Policy Studies: MPS 3
17. Master of Commerce in Development Studies
20. Master of Administration: M Admin
32. Master of Commerce in Information Systems


Faculty of Health Sciences Courses

  1. Master of Nursing Science – Nursing Education
  2. Master in Nursing Science
  3. Masters in Public Health: Albertina Sisulu Executive Fellowship Programme
  4. Masters in Public Health – MPH
  5. Master in Nursing Science – Medical-surgical Nursing
  6. Master in Nursing Science – Health Management
  7. Master of Nursing Science – Psychiatric Nursing
  8. Master of Nursing Science – Community Health Nursing
  9. Master of Nursing Science – Midwifery & Neonatal Nursing

University of Fort Hare UFH Faculty of Education Courses

  1. Masters in Education (By dissertation only)


UFH Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Courses Offered

2. Masters of Social Science in African Studies 2
3. Master of Theology: M Theology 2
4. Master of Social Work: M SW 2
5. Master of Social Science: M Soc Sc 2
6. Master of Social Science (Rural Development): M Soc Sc (Rural Dev) 2
7. Master of Social Science (Psychology): M Soc Sc (Psych) 2
8. Master of Social Science (Counselling Psychology): M Soc Sc (C Psy) 2
9. Master of Social Science (Communication): M Soc Sc (Com) 2
10. Master of Library and Information Science: M Bibl 2
11. Master of Fine Arts: M Fine Arts 2
12. Master of Arts: MA 2
13. Master of Arts in Philosophy 2
14. Master of Arts in Music 2
15. Master of Arts in History 2
16. Master of Arts in English Languages and Comparative Literature 2
17. Master of Arts in Afrikaans 2
18. Master of Arts in African Languages 2

UFH Faculty of Science and Agriculture Courses Offered 

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19. Master of Philosophy: M Phil

23. Master of Philosophy: M Phil
25. Master of Science: M Sc (Applied Mathematics)
26. Master of Science in Agriculture: M Sc Agric(Pasture Science)
27. Master of Science: M Sc(Applied Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems)
29. Master of Science: M Sc (Applied Statistics)
31. Master of Science: M Sc (Biochemistry)
32. Master of Science in Agriculture: M Sc Agric (Agricultural Economics)
34. Master of Science in Agriculture: M Sc (AgricAnimal Science)
36. Master of Science in Agriculture: M Sc Agric( Soil Science)
38. Master of Agriculture: M Agric(Agricultural Extension)

41. Master of Science: M Sc (Ethnobotany)
42. Master of Science: M Sc (Entomology)
43. Master of Science: M Sc (Geography)
44. Master of Science: M Sc (Geology)
52. Master of Science in Agriculture: M Sc Agric(Horticultural Science)
61. Master of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics
62. Master of Science in Biostatistics and Epidemiology
63. Master of Science M Sc in Botany
65. Master of Science M Sc in Chemistry
67. Master of Science M Sc in Computer Science


UFH Nelson R Mandela School of Law Courses Offered

Master of Laws

Master of Philosophy in Human Rights