UCT Faculty of Engineering Registration and Orientation

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UCT Faculty of Engineering Registration and Orientation

UCT Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Registration and Orientation

UCT Faculty of Engineering Registration and Orientation – see details below;

Registration and orientation for first years

First year students entering UCT for the first time to study in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment must participate in the compulsory orientation programme where they will complete their registration.

The orientation programme for all first-year engineering and built environment students starts on Wednesday 29 January 2020 and runs for a week. The first day of lectures is 10 February 2020.

About orientation

Orientation introduces you to the faculty and your departments and includes registration for all of your courses.
During orientation, the head of the department will welcome you and you will be introduced to the department. You will be given an information pack including the orientation programme and you will register for all your first-year courses.

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You will also have an opportunity to attend orientation activities that introduce you to the academic, social and cultural environment at UCT.
Attendance at Orientation is compulsory and students who miss the Orientation programme may have great difficulty adjusting to life at UCT.

What to bring

Don’t forget your identity book or passport and a pen and notebook.

International students

If you are an international student you will need to visit the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) to get clearance for registration. Please take your passport and health insurance documents and be ready to pay your university fees (or show proof of payment if you have already paid). IAPO will be in the Sports Centre on the upper campus during the orientation programme.

What must I do if I am going to be late?

If you miss the meeting on the Plaza, please report to an orientation leader at the helpdesk in the foyer of the New Engineering Building (2nd level). The orientation leader will tell you where to go to join your department.

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Special permission from the dean is required for late registration and a late registration penalty of up to R 2 000 will be imposed unless exceptional circumstances apply.