The Private Hotel School Admission Requirements

The Private Hotel School Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements English Notes
NSC: Degree pass with 30%
NC(V): Degree pass with 50%
SC: Endorsement pass with 33.3%
S(a): Degree pass A minimum of 30% in LoLT in NSC/ SC(a) OR with a min. of 33.3% in SC

International Students:

A USAF Exemption Certificate is required and meets the English requirements.


Mature Age Exemption:

Candidates having attained the age of 23 before or during the first year of registration with a Senior Certificate with a minimum of 40% in at least four higher or standard grade subjects, at least three of which shall have been passed simultaneously and one of which shall be a recognised higher grade subject; OR Candidates must have attained the age of 45 before or during the first year of registration.

A USAF Exemption Certificate is required.

Senate Discretionary Mature Age Admission for students with a Senior Certificate with endorsement


Candidates 23 years and older at the point of registration, with an endorsed Senior Certificate, can be accepted on a senate discretionary mature age admission if they do not meet the additional admission requirements. Their academic progress will be tracked and reported to Senate. A USAF Exemption Certificate is not required.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Where candidates do not satisfy the formal admission requirements for this qualification, The IIE may consider an admission application in terms of the Credit Accumulation and Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and Qualification Completion Policy (IIE010).

USAF approved cognate foundation programme:

Candidates who have completed a USAF approved cognate foundation programme from a registered and accredited provider may be admitted.

A USAF Exemption Certificate is required  –  the Office of the Registrar will facilitate, on behalf of the student, an application for degree admission to USAF, once the student has provided proof of payment to USAF.

Transfer students:

Candidates who have successfully completed at least 120 credits in the first year of a cognate degree may be admitted. However, if a student completed less than 120 credits, the admission criteria on the NSC or equivalent apply.

General Education Development (GED) – A USA qualification developed by the American Council on Education (ACE):

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Candidates with a GED qualification may be admitted if they have a USAF Foreign Conditional Exemption Certificate as well as NBT: AQL results and have obtained a score of at least 51 for Academic Literacy (AL) and a score of at least 40 for Quantitative Literacy (QL).