Rhodes University Faculty of Law Admission Requirements 2023-2024

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Rhodes University Faculty of Law Admission Requirements 2023-2024

Rhodes University Faculty of Law Admission Requirements 2023-2024

Rhodes University Faculty of Law Admission Requirements 2023 – See Details Below:


Thank you for your interest in studying for an LLM at Rhodes.  Please note we offer an LLM Degree by thesis only (part-time/full-time).

Our faculty’s requirements for admission to the LLM are (1) the candidate has an LLB degree (2) that the candidate obtained a 65% average for that degree and (3) that non-compliance with (1) and (2) requires careful motivation to sway the Dean to exercise her discretion in your favour.

For a list of thesis-based research areas in which we offer high-quality supervision please visit our research page.

In order to be able to consider an application from you and to determine whether the Faculty has the requisite expertise in your chosen field of study, please send the following documents to the Dean of Law:

1.  An updated CV.

See also  University of South Africa Unisa Department of Inclusive Education

2.  All degree certificates.

3. Full academic transcripts reflecting the results obtained in all courses undertaken for your degree(s).

4. A draft 3-5 page research proposal indicating the proposed field and topic of your research. This brief proposal is required for admission purposes only and in order to establish, amongst other things, whether you have a clear idea of what topic you propose to research, and that we have the necessary supervisory capacity in that specific field.  Please note that if you are admitted to LLM you will be required to prepare a full research proposal later which will serve before the Higher Degrees Committee.  The requirements of the latter you will find by clicking here.

You may wish to be guided by this approach in the requested 3-5 page draft if you wish, but this is entirely up to you.

The current fee for  LLM studies at Rhodes University is R22 968 per annum.

Please visit our Research Office website for information regarding funding, bursaries etc:

See also  St John Vianney Seminary Theology Department

After receipt of the abovementioned documents, the Dean will then be able to give you an indication of whether or not we will be able to accept you, prior to the formal application for admission as a Rhodes University student through the Registrar’s Division.

Please forward the requested documents to the Dean of Law, Dr R Kruger, r.kruger@ru.ac.za