Rhodes University Faculty of Commerce

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Rhodes University Faculty of Commerce

Rhodes University Faculty of Commerce

Rhodes University Faculty of Commerce – See Details Below:

About Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce is the second largest faculty at Rhodes University with approximately 25% of the student population registered for qualifications in the Faculty.

A host of qualifications are offered at the undergraduate level including the flagship Bachelor of Business Science, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Economics.  At the post-graduate level, a number of diplomas and degrees are offered including the Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting (leading to a career in chartered accountancy), Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management, Master of Commerce in a variety of disciplines, specialist Master of Commerce in Financial Markets, Taxation, the Master of Business Administration and the Doctor of Philosophy in a variety of disciplines.

The four Faculty departments and Business School together with key departments in the faculties of Science, Humanities and Law provide the courses which the various degrees comprise.  Indeed, the interfaculty flavour of the various offerings is a distinctive feature of the Faculty.

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Clustered in specific disciplinary areas within the Faculty departments and Business School, the staff of the Faculty enthusiastically approach teaching and learning and knowledge creation with the many students who demonstrate similar levels of enthusiasm.  Highly-qualified and well-recognised staff cooperate and collaborate with colleagues in other institutions of higher learning, as well as industry partners as they provide students with coursework and research opportunities of the highest level.

Students with wide-ranging career aspirations have found an excellent home in the Faculty.  On completion of their degrees/diplomas, they have used the knowledge acquired as a basis for equally wide-ranging careers during which time they have made and will continue to make huge contributions to business and society.

Staff and current students of the Faculty are ready to welcome new students to a place 25% of students at Rhodes University call home.  An admission is an application form away!

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