Life Healthcare College of Learning

Life Healthcare College of Learning

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

To create a skilled workforce for Life Healthcare and the healthcare industry, in order to provide cost-effective, quality and competent patient care.

Our mission

  • To retain and develop staff for Life Healthcare.
  • To ensure staff have career development opportunities.
  • To provide management at all levels with the necessary skills to conduct their work effectively.
  • To develop a competent workforce.
  • To work according to necessary legislation governing education, training and development in the healthcare industry.

Our values

We have five overarching values:

  • Passion for people
  • Quality
  • Performance pride
  • Personal care
  • Lifetime partnerships

Five quick facts

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Why we can help you achieve your career dream

  • It offers one of the top three private nursing educations in SA.
  • Staff are recognised and respected in the academic fraternity.
  • It is accredited by and affiliated with top South African educational institutions (SANC, CHE, DHET, SAQA and NMU).

Life College of Learning at a glance

  • Over 1 000 students
  • Seven learning centres across SA: in Springs, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Roodepoort.
  • Programmes include undergraduate programmes and a variety of short learning programmes. Find more information about the programmes, application information and Life College of Learning locations by clicking on the links in the downloads box.
  • Excellent results achieved in the registered examinations reflect the professionalism of our clinical educators, nursing staff and hospital management, and the quality of students selected.
  • Our outcomes-based model of education and training promotes quality service delivery, and ensures that our values are part of our daily operations.
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Why did we start Life College of Learning?

  • To contribute to the national pool of skills, especially in the fields of nursing and health sciences.
  • Nurses form the cornerstone of Life Healthcare’s operations. Our college’s nurse training programmes have proven to be strategically important to the success and solid reputation of our Group.
  • Our focus on clinical excellence underpins our commitment to delivering high-quality care to our patients.
  • We have been instrumental in turning our Group’s vision – to be a world-class provider of quality healthcare – into reality.

Did you know?

  • Life College of Learning has contributed to the development and empowerment of thousands of South Africans and helped to alleviate the national healthcare skills shortage.
  • We have a number of students from disadvantaged communities enrolled at the college who are supported by learnerships and bursaries provided by HWSETA: the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority.

Who manages Life College of Learning?

Our college managers, headed up by the National Education Manager, provide visible leadership in the field of education.

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They are actively involved in the:

Excellent relations with these regulating bodies and tertiary institutions help us to address the challenges of skills shortages.


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