Eastcape Midlands TVET College Registration 2023-2024

Eastcape Midlands TVET College Registration 2023-2024

Eastcape Midlands TVET College Registration 2023 – 2024 – See Details Below:

Provide us with the listed documents in order to be screened for free registration:

1. SAPS certified copy of Student Identity Document/Birth Certificate

2.SAPS certified copy(ies) of Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) Identity Document

3.SAPS certified copy(ies) of parent(s)/guardian(s) death certificate if they are deceased

4. Proof of income: social grant slip/ recent salary slip/ recent bank statement

5. Affidavit to state unemployment: include information on whether you received a grant and the amount received.

6. Residential address of the student

7. Number of family members in the household

8. Number of students in the household (only University and College students – Provide proof of University students)

9. Accommodation amount per month (in the case of private borders)

10. Transport amount per month: this should be in an affidavit

11. All certified copies must NOT be older than 3 months.

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If you qualify for free registration, you will receive a printout as proof.


If you qualify for free registration:
1,.Take your application form and printout out the screening results to the registration office.

If you do not qualify for free registration:

2. Deposit the registration fee at the nearest Standard Bank (bank details can be obtained from the registration form).

3. Take your application form, screening results and proof of payment to the registration office.

4. Should you be younger than 21 years your parent/guardian must accompany you to the registration office. He/she must bring his/her ID document along and must also sign the application form.