Details On Buffalo City TVET College Application 2023–2024

Details On Buffalo City TVET College Application 2023–2024

Buffalo City TVET College Online Application – Download:

National Nated Diploma Programmes

How to Apply

Application for Nated Diploma Programmes is done a year ahead of the intended year of study for Semester 1.

Semester 2 applications open in April/May and classes commence in July after the semester break.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Students intending to pursue any one of the Nated Diploma Programmes need to be in possession of a Grade 12 Certificate or be currently be in grade 12 during the year of application. Minimum entry requirements are as follows.

School of Business

A student must have a minimum of 23 combined points (points must exclude Life Orientation) in order to be considered in any of the Business Studies programmes.

School Of Engineering

A student needs to have 40% and above for both Mathematics and Physical Sciences in order to be considered for this programme. Please note that students with Mathematical literacy will not be considered for Engineering no matter the percentage pass.


Nated Programmes consist of theoretical and practical component. The student undergoes 3 levels of the theoretical component for a period of 18 months, namely N4, N5 and N6. Upon completion of each of these levels, the student will receive a certificate. Each of the levels takes 6 months to complete.

Students will only be issued a National Diploma Certificate on completion of both Theoretical and Practical Components. The Practical Component requires students to go for Work-Based Experience. Students will are expected to go to the workplace for practicals shadowing officials/ practitioners within their field of study. The students need to complete 18 months in the workplace.

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A workbook will be issued out to students going for Work-Based Experience and the workbook must be completed and signed by both the student and their allocated supervisor every week.

Educational offerings

Students will undergo a National Examination for each of the subjects they have registered for, lecturers and Examination officers at each campus will notify students about examination application processes. Students must familiarise themselves with the examination policies and always adhere to the examination rules and regulations

1. This form must be completed by all students applying to BUFFALO CITY TVET COLLEGE for the first time.
2.The application form must be signed by the applicant and the legal guardian (if applicant is younger than 18 years).
3.It is in your own interest to ensure that this form is completed in full and that copies of all supporting documents are enclosed.
4.If any questions are left unanswered or documents are not enclosed, or the legal undertaking is not signed by the student and/or the legal guardian, it will cause a delay as the form will be returned for completion.
5.Please write in black ink and use block letters.
6.The closing date for applications will be determined by the College at the start of the respective academic period or when the course is full, whichever occurs first.
1. A copy of the first page of your Identity Document must accompany this application.
2. A copy of your Senior Certificate, National Senior Certificate or highest qualification must be submitted with your application.
3. NB. Grade 12 learners must attach a copy of your Grade 11 final results and June or September Grade 12 results.
The report must indicate the subjects and symbols obtained and whether the subjects are on the Higher Grade or Standard Grade. If you attended any other higher education institution, an original academic record or certified copies of other certificates obtained previously, must also be submitted.
4. Proof of residential address of parents/guardian.
C. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (non-South African citizens)
1. A certified copy of your passport must accompany this form. You are required to produce a valid study permit before you will be permitted to register.
2. Non-RSA Qualifications. The onus rests with all international applicants to have their school qualifications evaluated by SAQA before submitting this application form. SAQA can be contacted on telephone number: 027 86 010 3188.
1. National Certificate Vocational:
1.1 A year end school report for Grade 9 or Higher; or
1.2 A NQF level 1 Qualification; or
1.3 An approved bridging programme designed for the specific purpose to access NQF Level 2; or
1.4 A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to meet the basic requirements for access to NQF Level 2; or
1.5 ABET NQF Level 4 Certificate
1.6 Placement Assessment
2. NATED Programmes / REPORT 191
2.1 A year end school report for Grade 12 or Higher; or
2.2 A NQF Level 4 Qualification
1.Early application is essential.
2. Please contact the campus of your choice for more information on application procedures.
3.Fees are calculated per subject. Please consult the latest fees schedules available from all campuses.
4.Your application and all correspondence or documentation must be submitted or sent to the campus where your intend studying.
1.The language medium for all lectures, tests and examination is English.
1.Students who have secured a bursary from an external source must furnish the college with an original written confirmation, before they register.
2. Students with outstanding fees will be allowed to sit for the examination, but will be blacklisted and will not receive results if fees are not paid in full.
Buffalo City Public FET College
Cheque Account
(043) 7049274
In the reference column of the bank deposit, please clearly indicate your student number with the FOLLOWING Alphabets as attached (E for East London; K for John Knox Bokwe; M for St
Marks; R for Residence) for reference.