BMT College Banking Details

BMT College Banking Details

Banking details

Acc Number: 1984388606
Branch Code: 198405
Cheque Account

Acc Number: 4077914327
Branch Code: 632005
Cheque Account

Debit Order

Download the BMT College enrolment form with the debit order option here:
Enrolment forms.

Conventional higher education institutions tend to cost more than what the average student can afford. BMT College is committed to offering students the opportunity to start and advance in a career. Therefore, study fees can be financed directly with the College for easy and affordable payments, making high quality private higher education accessible and affordable to everyone.

Payment queries

If you have any payment queries please contact Elize in accounts.

If you have not yet received an account statement from the College within the second month of enrolment, please confirm your email address with the College.
Please note as a student you can also view your balance on the Virtual Campus.

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Tel: 0100100936