Beaconhurst School Contact Details

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Beaconhurst School Contact Details

Beaconhurst School Contact Details

Beaconhurst School Contact Details | See details below…


P.O. Box 2083, Beacon Bay, 5205

Phone: +27 43 748 2427

Fax: +27 43 748 3060

Department Contact Details

Principal: A. Norman
Deputy Principal: B. Cloete
FET Phase Head:  L. van Greunen
Principal’s Secretary: J. Boyd
Head of Admin: A. van Heerden
Bookkeeper: E. Kessler
Bursar: K. Smit
Sport Department:  W. Oosthuizen A T. Kriel
Computer Department: H. Jordaan
Senior Phase Head: R. Muller
S. van Der Vyver
Intermediate Phase Head: E. Smit
Foundation Phase Head: N. Davenport (Grade 2 & 3)
Librarian: S. Greener
Councillor: L. Nass
Music Head: C. Richter
High School Office And FET Phase Head: D. Meecham
Foundation Phase Head: M. Geddie (Grade R & 1)
Credit Controller:  L. Sweetman
Senior Phase Assistant: K. Foreman
Intermediate Phase Assistant: N. Kent
Foundation Phase Assistant And Sport: T. Kriel
Beaconhurst Trust: L. Sweetman