UWC Department of Educational Psychology

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UWC Department of Educational Psychology

University of Western Cape UWC Department of Educational Psychology

UWC Department of Educational Psychology – See Details Below:

The field of educational psychology is concerned with the study of learning in educational settings, the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching and of the school as a social institution. As a part of the Faculty of Education the Department of Educational Psychology provides training in the psychological foundations of education, research methods as well as the science and practices of psychological intervention and education support services to schools. Modules taught in the undergraduate programme include: Social Psychology for Educators, Learners and Learning, Developing Learners, Diversity and Inclusive Education, Child Development and Learning, Life Skills, Methods of Life Orientation, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Health Promoting Schools.

Apart from contributing to preparing educators for schools, the Department of Educational Psychology, through its programmes at B.Ed. Hons, Master and Doctoral levels, equips future educational psychologists, school counselors, and other education support personnel with psychological knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. The focus is on the applications of these to support a diverse client base especially youth within and outside educational settings. Educational Psychology staff and postgraduate students concentrate their research efforts on producing knowledge relevant to better understanding of teaching and learning, within a transforming and inclusive context, by embarking on research studies and publications related to whole school development, learner and teacher development, understanding various learning difficulties and special education needs, provision of support and intervention initiatives as well as school-community partnerships for improving teaching and learning, classroom practices and teacher development in the age of HIV/AIDS.

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