University of Western Cape UWC South African Institute of Advanced Materials Chemistry SAIAMC

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University of Western Cape UWC South African Institute of Advanced Materials Chemistry SAIAMC 

UWC South African Institute of Advanced Materials Chemistry – See Details Below:

Welcome to South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry (SAIAMC). Recently the institute has been through several seminal events, these have drastically transformed its nature from that of an academic unit with applied research aspirations into a well established and organised group of researchers, engineers, post docs, students and assistants capable of developing R&D concepts into commercially feasible IP, and of transforming these concepts into working prototypes and pilot installations.

Many of these events have run in parallel for most of the past four year period and have only recently come to fulfillment. Among them are the establishment of Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) and Hydrogen South Africa Systems Integration and Technology Validation Centre of Competence (HySA Systems) as a part of SAIAMC; a strategic partnership between UWC and PetroSA and the establishment of the PetroSA Synthetic Fuel Innovation Centre (PSFIC); commencement of a large scale technology development project dealing with Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) product gas which is rapidly becoming part of Eskom core business activities; development of the lithium ion battery national Key Programme through which a full industrial scale production facility is being constructed; completion of large scale product prototype development projects for TIA and SANERI; construction and commissioning of a state of the art SAIAMC Innovation Centre and last but not least the comprehensive review of the academic position of the institute within the framework of UWC Research Policy.

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It is based on these developments that the institute can make an unqualified statement that it is now fully capable of fulfilling its goals of generating tangible outputs which will allow the establishment of UWC as an internationally recognised innovation hub in the strategic focus area of Energy. Shaped by these transitional events, the institute’s strategy, structure and functionality are presented in this document.

Vladimir Linkov

SAIAMC Director

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