University of Western Cape UWC Department of Industrial Psychology

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University of Western Cape UWC Department of Industrial Psychology

University of Western Cape Department of Industrial Psychology – See Details Below:

Department of Industrial Psychology

If you have a mind for business and a heart for people, then Industrial Psychology is the place for you. For an overview of what Industrial Psychology is all about, please click on the following link ( ). In general, our Department has several stakeholders and responsibilities: aspiring student Industrial Psychologists and Human Resources Managers (HR), business world, research, and the community.

As an accredited training institution for aspiring Industrial Psychologists, we offer programmes of high academic standard that are also relevant to the world of business. In order to maintain our standards, we are regularly evaluated by relevant professional bodies (e.g. the Health Professions Council of South Africa). In addition to our academic standards, our relevance to the business world is evaluated by an Advisory Board that was established during 2009. This board, consisting of Industrial Psychologists and HR Managers, provides us with much needed benchmarks and suggestions. Our quality of training is evident through those registered psychologists and HR managers that are working in both the private and public sectors. (We will soon have a section on our website with profiles of our past students).

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The overarching research focus of our Department Making is: making people stronger to deal with the changing world of work. Emphasis is placed on the field of Positive Organisational Behaviour focusing on such topics as: authentic leadership, gratitude, hope, persistence, and psychological capital – to mention just few. Aspiring Industrial Psychologists/HR Managers can make contact with members of staff to discuss their interests. It is important to note that the Department strives towards conducting applied behavioural research.

By conducting applied research, the Department also serves the needs of the community. In addition, members of staff are involved with various executive committees (e.g. Assessment Centre Study Group). In addition, most members of staff provide consultation to organisations in need of Industrial Psychological and HR solutions.​

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