University of Western Cape Department of Physiotherapy

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University of Western Cape Department of Physiotherapy

University of Western Cape Department of Physiotherapy – See Details Below:

Welcome toThe Physiotherapy Department

A physiotherapist is an important member of the health care team, taking responsibility for assessing and managing patients’ return to functional activity. We study the human body and how injuries, disease and disability affect all aspects of a person’s life.

​The Department of Physiotherapy at the University of the Western Cape has a proud history, going back to the earliest years of the university. In fact, our current Head of Department, Professor Anthea Rhoda, was one of the first students to graduate from the Physiotherapy programme. We are proud that most of our staff members are graduates of this university, who have chosen to return here to help develop the next generation of healthcare professionals for this country.

Even though we are one of the smaller departments in the country, we produce more research per member of staff than almost any other physiotherapy department in the country. We have a strong postgraduate research programme, accepting students from all over Africa with the aim of developing them as academics in order to strengthen the profession across the continent.

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Teaching and Learning
The University of the Western Cape has committed to developing academics who embrace a scholarship of teaching and learning, always aiming to improve the student-teacher relationship that lies at the centre of the educational process.

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As we move into an increasingly connected society, the Department of Physiotherapy has also embraced technology-mediated teaching and learning as a way to be prepare our students for a digital age. We not only recognise the importance of clinical knowledge and skills in the South African healthcare system, but the ability to use emerging technologies as part of effective communication with others.

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