University of the Western Cape UWC Application for Foreign Applicants

University of the Western Cape UWC Application for Foreign Applicants

University of the Western Cape UWC Application for Foreign Applicants 2022-2023

UWC Application for Foreign Applicants 2022-2023 – Download – see details below to download application form to apply …

International Applicants

  • You need to submit your final school results to Higher Education South Africa (HESA)  for an evaluation.
  • We unfortunately will not be able to respond to your application until you submit a confirmation letter issued by HESA stating that you qualify to study at a South African University.
  • Certified copy of your passport
  • Please visit the HESA website ​for more information about this process.


Recent changes in the Immigration Act have further intensified the need for foreign students wishing to attend UWC to have the correct visa and for existing foreign students to renew their visa in a correct and timely manner to avoid delays in registration and other more serious immigration issues. UWC Application for Foreign Applicants

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These guidelines apply for students without dependents. For students with dependents further information is needed, please check with your Embassy/Consulate.

For prospective international students:

You MUST have your study visa before leaving your country of residence. The university cannot register you without a valid study visa to study at this institution. The visa can be obtained from the South African Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence.

In order to apply for a study permit, certain documentation and payments are needed, namely:

o   The study permit application form

o   A valid passport

o   An official letter from UWC stating that you have been accepted for the course and the duration of the course

o   A police clearance certificate for every country you have lived in for more than a year since you were 18 (less than 6 months old)

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o   A Medical Report (specific form to be filled in)

o   A Radiological Report (In the form of a chest X-Ray to confirm you do not have TB – specific form to be filled in)

o   Medical cover with a registered South African medical scheme for the duration of your course or which can be renewed yearly for the duration of the course.

o   A repatriation fee, to be paid to the consulate/embassy (amounts vary for each country) which will be used in case of deportation and will be reimbursed once back in your home country.

o   Accommodation details

o   Proof of sufficient funds to support you for the duration of your course (scholarship letters, bank statements etc)

You are allowed to work for 20 hours a week whilst in South Africa on a study visa, however, you can not use this work towards your proof of financial ability to pay for the course.

The above payments and documentation must be provided with the application fee in full in order to apply for your visa.

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Please allow 6 weeks for your visa application. Processing times vary per country, so please check with the Embassy/Consulate for exact details.