University of the Western Cape Online Application Form 2023-2024

University of the Western Cape Online Application Form 2022-2023


  • CHOOSE A DEGREE – Browse our academic programmes  to see what programmes we offer, or visit our faculty pages on our website – type in what you would like to study and download the programme information.

Before you proceed to the application, click on the links below for information:


  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – Entry requirements are the minimum academic standards that the University requires in order to consider you for entry into one of our degree programmes. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee you a place. Competition for most of our degrees is high and demand for places generally exceeds the number of places available. Final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable.
  • FEES AND FUNDING – Our fees section provides a list of the average tuition fees for the first year of study according to degree (Fees indicated are for the 2021-2022 Academic year and are subject to change in 2021-2022). Online quotations and or Pro-forma invoices for both tuition and residence fees are available at Applications for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) are not handled by the University. Please click here to access the NSFAS website and apply direct.
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  • ​To apply online, go to:​
  • You may apply for a maximum of TWO programme choices
  • Try to keep your options open, especially when applying for programmes in Faculties such as Dentistry, Community and Health Sciences and Law
  • There is NO application fee payable
  • Applications close on 30 September 2021-2022


  • ​After completion of the online application form, you will receive a letter via email from the University acknowledging receipt of your application
  • The acknowledgement letter will contain your APPLICANT NUMBER
  • This applicant number is to be used in all communication with the University
  • You will also receive a brochure indicating the SUPPORTING documents that you will need to submit to the University by the application closing dates for your application to be considered complete


  • To upload supporting documents, go to​ complete the form and upload the required documents
  • Current Matriculants, do not need to upload any supporting documentation
  • Already Matriculated: Upload your matric certificate/foreign school leaving certificate.
  • Attending Another Tertiary Institution: Upload a certified copy of your academic record and certificate of good conduct, stamped by the institution’s registrar.


  • Successful applicants will receive communication via email offering a firm place and information about registration and orientation for 2021-2022
  • Once a FIRM/FINAL offer is received, applicants will be required to ACCEPT the offer within the designated time
  • Should you not ACCEPT your offer in the designated period you will forfeit your place to study (your offer will expire)
  • You may, however, call or email the UWC Contact Centre and enquire as to whether your offer is still available even after it has expired and had it accepted on your behalf
  • Applicants who have accepted their offers will receive communication via email informing them about registration and orientation for 2021-2022.
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Changed your mind about your choice of study?​​

  • ​Do not submit a new application
  • Check with the Contact Centre if you may change your programme choice
  • Should your contact details change please contact the UWC Contact Centre and update your details


The following supporting documentation must be submitted via email for ALL applications:

  • your current email address and an alternative address if possible);

  • A 1-2 page motivational letter that explains why you are interested in the course

  • Certified copies of your previous academic transcripts which provide the grades that you have achieved.

Documentation must be sent to both email addresses: &

In addition, all students with international qualifications (outside South Africa) are required to have their international/foreign qualifications assessed by SAQA. Please send all your documents to SAQA as well. Please visit the SAQA website and follow all instructions per the website. Note that your application will not be processed until all these documents are received.

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All ISD Masters applicants are required to submit a 5-7 page draft proposal on a research topic in which they are interested.  All PhD applicant’s copies of all supporting documents must also be sent to