University of the Free State UFS Department of Criminology

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University of the Free State UFS Department of Criminology

University of the Free State UFS Department of Criminology – Check below:

Crime and victimisation present severe consequences for the sustained development of society, the economy and ecology. The content of the modules offered in Criminology engages critically and comparatively with justice, crime and victimisation on the African continent, celebrating judicial pluralism and the promotion of social justice in order to address the injustices of the past and to advance nation-building in South Africa and her broader communities.

With reference to the cultural and historical context of the African continent and the colonial and apartheid antecedents of structural and institutional victimisation, such an approach is contextually and culturally relevant; also embodied in the principles of ubuntu to give our world a more humane face, and to advance globally universal personhood that seeks to effectively address crime and victimisation, hidden victimisation in society and in particular, repeat victimisation by the western criminal justice system.

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By integrating around Africa’s own centre, innovation in teaching and learning is promoted together with critical inquiry and quality independent research and scholarship of engagement.

In line with advancing African scholarship, the offerings in Criminology seek to increase postgraduate enrolment by equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills and criminal-ethical and human rights competencies that will enable them to explore a variety of critical issues and suggest solutions relating to deviance, conflict, crime and victimisation, to ultimately enhance safety in society.

Comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and other forms of justice such as restorative and transitional justice is critical to ensure a democratic and just society with a human rights ethos as set out in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights and any other relevant national, regional and international conventions/treaties/guidelines.