University of South Africa UNISA NSFAS Registration 2023 – 2024

University of South Africa UNISA NSFAS Registration 2023 – 2024

University of South Africa Unisa NSFAS Registration 2023 – 2024- See Details Below:


You must register during Unisa’s registration period (3 – 24 January 2023 – 2024), provided that your NSFAS application has been provisionally approved.

  • If your NSFAS application is provisionally approved, you do not need to pay the registration fee. Your registration fee and allowances will be paid to Unisa by NSFAS, provided that you sign an NSFAS bursary agreement form.
  • If your NSFAS application is rejected, you may appeal during the appeal period. Click here for the 2023 – 2024 NSFAS appeal form. Please note that the closing date for appeals is 31 January 2023 – 2024.
    • New applicants must appeal directly with NSFAS:
    • Returning students (who were funded in 2021) must appeal via the institution if they were excluded for any of the reasons below. Please note that you will be required to pay your registration fee while your appeal is being evaluated.


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I am exceeding my permitted number of years of study NSFAS enforces the N+2 rule. This means that students have an additional two years to complete their degree and ceases to fund a student for longer than this period. Should there be a reason for you exceeding the N+2 rule, and this reason is substantive in nature, such as a death of an immediate family member or hospitalization, please provide relevant, certified supporting documents to this effect.
Request to change the programme of study NSFAS will only fund approved courses and the N+2 rule still applies as indicated above.
Loss of bursary sponsor If you were sponsored for your studies by another entity or person in the past, but subsequently lost this sponsorship, please provide proof of the loss of sponsorship on official letterheads. An NSFAS application form, together with all required supporting documentation, needs to be completed and submitted with this form.
Incorrect academic results submitted resulting in non-renewal of funding If you believe your funding has not been renewed due to erroneous academic results submitted by the institution to NSFAS, please attach an official academic results transcript.
Failure to meet academic performance requirements NSFAS is aware that there are many circumstances that may lead to students not being able to meet academic performance requirements. These may include but are not limited to, medical conditions, the death of an immediate family member, and so on. Please submit substantive documents to provide proof of these circumstances.
Other If there are any other reasons you believe that your application meets the NSFAS requirements for funding that have not been considered above, please explain these circumstances and provide relevant supporting documentation.
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