University of Limpopo School of Physical and Mineral Science

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University of Limpopo School of Physical and Mineral Science

University of Limpopo School of Physical and Mineral Science – See Details Below:

The School of Physical and Mineral Sciences is home to the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology as well as two centres of excellence – Materials Modelling Centre and Science Education Centre.

The Materials Modelling Centre specialises in materials modelling using computational approaches to predict and understand physical and chemical properties of a huge variety of materials, such as minerals, alloys, polymers, oxides, and materials related to energy storage technologies.

On the other hand, the Science Education Centre serves as a vehicle through which much of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture community engagement is realised. Its main function is to hold lectures, interactive exhibitions, workshops, and live demonstrations, aimed at involving the general public in explorations of the different facets of science, engineering, and technology. The centre also strengthens and supports the Department of Education in the Limpopo Province and other initiatives addressing science and mathematics teaching and learning issues.

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The two centres, through collaborative research activities, have positioned the university as a global competitor in the areas of materials modelling and science education.

In pursuing its vision, the school sets its target on the contribution to the developmental needs of Limpopo Province and South Africa at large. With no less than 136 operating mines, mining is the premier economic sector within the province. This is one of a number of areas targeted by the Limpopo Employment, Growth and Development Plan (LEGDP).

The school is privileged through its Geology division (in the Physics Department), which was re-introduced in 2008, to be in a position to enhance the LEGDP by providing appropriate teaching, research, and community engagement.


To be a growing School with a firm commitment to training students with the ability to advance knowledge and its application for the benefit of communities through collaborative efforts in education and economic development.


To constantly improve the well-being of communities at large by delivering quality programmes of teaching, research, and community engagement.

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Core Values

  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Teamwork

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