University of Limpopo Faculty of Humanities

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University of Limpopo Faculty of Humanities

University of Limpopo Faculty of Humanities – See Details Below:

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Humanities!

The Faculty is not immune from the neo-liberal market forces that are influencing the privatisation and commercialisation of education. Across the world, there is a discernible movement away from the consideration of education as a public rather than a private good. Within this context our faculty has to find a way to survive and flourish. We are engaged in a process of refocusing the faculty through innovative methods of teaching, research, and community engagement. The contents of the curriculum is continually reviewed in order to meet societal and human resources strategy of the government and the market. To this end the faculty facilitates the knowledge production and dissemination with a distinctly African value-added. It also endeavours to advance the frontiers of social research and knowledge generation.

A University is a special place in which you have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, to debate and to interrogate ideas and the reality around you. A new world is unfolding before you, which is bound to shape your character and influence the course of your life. You are the person who will accomplish the creation of this new being; we are the catalysts who will help in this unfolding.

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The Faculty invites you to join us on a journey to rediscover Africa and her glorious past, to unearth what history and heritage studies tell us about the ideas created by the great African philosophers, scholars and sages. We believe that the knowledge society of the twenty-first century should include the African experience in literature, language, philosophy, art, music, education and politics.University of Limpopo Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities comprises three Schools: the School of Languages and Communication Studies, the School of Education and the School of Social Sciences. We offer a range of programmes, leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees which will equip you with the knowledge, skills and values needed in our modernizing communities, the Southern African region and the world at large.

On completion of your studies, you can follow careers in the language industry (translation and interpreting, language policy, publishing), the media, teaching and research, social work and many others. Our talented pool of academics, researchers and administrators are always ready to assist you in every way possible. Feel free to approach us without fear and with confidence. We have a moral and contractual obligation to bring out the best in you.

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Prof S Maoto
Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Humanities

University of Limpopo Faculty of Humanities Schools