University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN School of Clinical Medicine

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University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN School of Clinical Medicine

University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN School of Clinical Medicine – Check below:

UKZN’s School of Clinical Medicine is committed in growing health professionals and researchers to meet the challenges faced by Africans.

The school is also a proud supporter of the Fidel Castro Nelson Mandela Collaboration and over the years we have been able to welcome a large number of Cuban trained medical students into our academic stream and integrate them into our Decentralized Clinical Training Platform.

Together with KZN-Department of Health, our focus has been on ensuring that that we provide our clinical students with optimal clinical training of high quality; hence, we are continuously increasing and improving our Decentralized Clinical Training sites across the province to accommodate a growing number of students in this school.

This website will allow us to proudly share our brilliance and distinction in training, research and our community engagement initiatives

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The School of Clinical Medicine is made up of the following disciplines:

Anaesthetics General Surgery Internal Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology Cardiothoracic Surgery Cardiology
Psychiatry Paediatric Surgery Dermatology
Orthopaedic Surgery Plastic Surgery Diabetes and Endocrinology
Ortorhinolaryngology Neurosurgery Emergency Medicine
Clinical & Professional Practice Urology Gastroenterology
Ophthalmology Paediatrics & Child Health General Medicine
Radiology Radiotherapy and Oncology Geriatrics
Nuclear Medicine Infectious Diseases


The School of Clinical Medicine encompasses all the clinical disciplines with the exception of Family Medicine. The academic staff provide specialist clinical services to the people of KwaZulu-Natal in partnership with the provincial Department of Health, play a key role in the training of health care professionals at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and undertake basic and applied research in the clinical sciences.

To be globally recognized for excellence in research, education, and clinical practice, relevant to our local context, and undertaken in a collegial and effective environment.

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We will develop a School characterized by excellence in research, education, and clinical practice. We will operate in an environment characterized by effective governance, financial probity, and sound interpersonal relationships. We will create a School of the first choice for students and staff wishing to engage in learning and research in clinical medicine. Our School will be collegial and welcoming, connected with our stakeholders and community, and our staff, students, and alumni will become ambassadors of our success. We will ensure high-quality research, which will underpin and inform teaching and clinical practice. We will build credibility with stakeholders and earn global recognition for innovative solutions to health problems.

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