University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN College of Humanities

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University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN College of Humanities

University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN College of Humanities

University of Kwazulu Natal UKZN College of Humanities – Check below:

The College of Humanities, the largest of UKZN’s four Colleges, is the home of critical thinking, social commentary and robust intellectual debate. It is aptly referred to as “The Soul of the University.”

A complex and strategic College, the Humanities comprises six diverse, yet complementary Schools which are located across three of UKZN’s five campuses: Edgewood – situated in Pinetown; Howard College – situated in Durban; and Pietermaritzburg.

The College of Humanities is committed to the University’s vision of advancing African scholarship and actively contributes to the intellectual development of the region and the world through teaching and learning, research, development and community engagement. It represents a significant repository on the continent, playing a critical role in the enhancement and promotion of arts, culture, social sciences and education.

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The College boasts vibrant research, teaching and learning units, many of which are internationally recognised.

The College of Humanities offers a wide array of innovative, enterprising degree programmes which are in line with the diversity of professions found in society.  The choice of study programmes enable students to shape their degrees according to their interests and career aspirations.  The learning environment promotes and respects cultural, religious and political values and enhances student potential through participation and creativity.  The College moulds students into well rounded, skilled and professional graduates who are capable of contributing meaningfully to the local and global context.

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