Union Bible Institute UBI Mission Statement

Union Bible Institute UBI Mission Statement

Union Bible Institute’s purpose is to develop Christ-like servant-leaders who are committed to Christ and His Great Commission.

This is accomplished in the following ways:

The Word of God

– By thoroughly grounding prospective Christian workers in the Word of God so that they will be able to understand its basic content and apply its principles to their lives and ministries

Spiritual Transformation

– By prayerfully depending on God to use us to continue and accelerate the process of transformation that He has already begun in our students

– By guiding the students, through teaching and mentoring, in the development of their character, that they may become more like Christ

Academic and Ministry Excellence

– By providing both theoretical and practical training in leadership and ministry skills, while modelling the humble attitude of a leader as one who serves

Worship of Christ

– By exalting Christ through music, prayer, testimony, and every aspect of the life and the curriculum of the school, and through challenging our students to commit themselves wholeheartedly to Him

Missional Focus

– By exposing students to the need for worldwide evangelization and involving them where possible in cross-cultural ministry, yet seeking also to equip them for ministry in their own culture