Union Bible Institute UBI Educational Philosophy

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Union Bible Institute UBI Educational Philosophy


UBI provides biblical, evangelical, and practical training for the development of servant leadership.

In order to give students a biblical basis for their lives and ministry, they are exposed to almost all 66 books of the Bible in the survey, and many of the key books are studied in depth.

UBI lecturers come from different denominations but are all committed to the inspiration and authority of Scripture and to the doctrine of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Students are exposed to excellent preachers, conference speakers and guest lecturers from a variety of evangelical churches.

UBI lecturers aim to provide continual devotional and practical application of Scripture in and outside of class. Students are specifically trained in a variety of ministries such as preaching, children’s ministry, and hospital visitation. Second-year students go with staff members on 7-10 day ministry trips often in cross-cultural contexts both here in South Africa as well as in other countries.


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