UFS School of Medicine Postgraduate Application

UFS School of Medicine Postgraduate Application

UFS School of Medicine Postgraduate Application – Apply Now:

Application Procedure 
The application procedure for postgraduate study in the various schools of the Faculty of Health Sciences differs per school and per department. The Faculty of Health Sciences consists of three schools, namely:

Postgraduate degrees and diplomas

The School of Medicine offers a wide range of postgraduate degrees and diplomas.

  • Honours degrees
  • Diploma qualifications
  • Master’s degrees
  • PhD degrees

Please refer to the Rule Books of Academic Programmes.

Admission requirements Some programmes have additional admission requirements and the relevant department or Postgraduate Administrative Office should be contacted.

Specialists and sub-specialists are appointed by the Department of Health and the Head of Department.

Selection criteria: The final selection is subject to the discretion of the Head of the Department.

Application for admission: The completed official UFS Application form must be submitted for selection to:

Postgraduate Administration Office
Muller Potgieter Building
School of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
PO Box 339 (G40)


M du Randt
T: +27 51 401 7500
E: Madeleine du Randt

General Orientation

The General Rules of the university, revised where necessary, are applicable to this faculty. It is the exclusive responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with the General and Faculty Rules. Rules apply to the various degrees and diplomas.

Please refer to the following documents for the appropriate year:

  • General Institutional Rules and Regulations (Advanced and Postgraduate qualifications)
    under Policy Documents.