UFS Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa

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UFS Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa

UFS Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa – Check below:

Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management is at NQF level 8 with a minimum entrance requirement of a good degree or diploma at NQF level 7. The Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management is a one-year programme consisting of eight subjects, four in the first semester and four in the second semester (See Applications for further details). The programme is offered as a Blended Learning option. This qualification will equip a leaner with strategic and operational skills to plan for and manage disasters as well as plan for disaster risk reduction activities.

Upon completion of this qualification, the student should be able to work as a practitioner at a managerial level within the government, private sector, or civil society.

Master of Disaster Management

Our Master of Disaster Management carries 180 credits and is at NQF Level 9. It consists of 60 credits worth of elective modules and a mini-dissertation of 120 credits. The minimum entry requirement is a relevant and good postgraduate qualification in disaster management or disaster risk management, at NQF Level 8. This is a one-year programme delivered as Blended Learning (See Applications for details). With this qualification, the learner will be able to obtain professional knowledge and skills in disaster risk management as well as advanced research skills to conduct independent and interdisciplinary research using different research methodologies.

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Closing date for applications: 30 September

Doctor of Philosophy Majoring in Disaster Management

Our PhD majoring in Disaster Management is a 360-credit specialised programme at NQF Level 10. It is based purely on research, and students can register at any time of the academic year. The minimum entrance requirement is a good and relevant master’s degree at NQF Level 9 (see Applications for details). An applicant whose master’s degree is not in disaster management or disaster risk management may be required to register for some of our postgraduate and master’s modules for non-degree purposes. The application process includes the applicant submitting a concept note, and later developing and defending a research proposal.

With a PhD majoring in Disaster Management, you will become an expert in your chosen area of disaster risk management.

During or upon completion of their study, the student is expected to present at least one paper at a recognised national or international conference as well as publish at least an article in one internationally accredited journal.

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Applications for PhD are ongoing throughout the year.

Faculty Rule Book 2023-2024

Apply Online

Programme Director (Academic Enquiries) / Head of Department

Dr Johannes Belle
E: BelleJA@ufs.ac.za
T: +27 51 401 2721

General Enquiries

Annelene van Straten
E: dimtec@ufs.ac.za
T: +27 51 401 2721
F: +27 51 401 9336