UCT Department of Public Health and Family Medicine

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UCT Department of Public Health and Family Medicine

UCT Department of Public Health and Family Medicine – see details below:

The School of Public Health and Family Medicine is a strong multidisciplinary department in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town. Its teaching, research and service extend to a wide range of settings and content areas consistent with the evolving disciplines of Public Health and Family Medicine.

Areas of Study

Undergraduate Teaching
Postgraduate Teaching


Public Health Medicine
Family Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Health Economics
Health Policy and Systems
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Environmental Health


The School hosts four University-Recognised Research groupings:

  1. Centre for Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Research (CIDER)
  2. Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health Research (CEOHR)
  3. Health Economics Unit (HEU)
  4. Women’s Health Research Unit (WHRU)

A substantial body of research is also conducted in the eight disciplinary divisions of the School. The research questions derive from local and regional public health priorities – HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cervical cancer, occupational and environmental lung disease, health care access and financing, health and human rights, social and behavioural aspects of health and many more.

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This enables the School to sustain a range of research projects, from student initiated dissertation research to multicentre trials, many of these in collaboration with local and international partners.