Port Elizabeth TVET College Registration Procedure

By | June 7, 2021

Port Elizabeth TVET College Registration Procedure

Port Elizabeth TVET College Registration Procedure 2022 – 2023

Port Elizabeth TVET College Registration Procedure 2022 – 2023 – See Details Below:

 Registration Procedure

  • Applicants shall pay the initial payment and deposit the amount using the College bank account number
  • Applicant submits confirmation letter and proof of payment at the registration point.
  • Hostel Superintendent checks financial status, removes block and registers applicant on the system.
  • The student card is stamped with the name of residence as proof of registration in residence.
  • The resident is issued with a key and rules and regulations booklet as well as an inventory form to complete


Residents who wish to cancel his/her accommodation shall be required to provide a minimum of three weeks’ notice of departure from the residences. Residents shall be liable for accommodation fees for the full month in which the cancellation took place irrespective of the date of cancellation.

  • A course cancellation shall not automatically serve as a residence cancellation.
  • If a student causes damage to PE College property this shall be charged against the student’s breakage deposit or in cases where they exceed the deposit, it will be charged against the student account.

Cancellation Procedure
1.    Residents must notify the Hostel Superintendent of their intention to cancel three weeks prior to departure.
2.    A cancellation form inclusive of an inventory, claim and checkout form must be completed and submitted to the Residence Office.
3.    Residents shall be given 24 hours to vacate the room and return keys to the relevant officer once the cancellation date comes into effect.
4.    Residence cancellation is performed on the system to update the account.