NWU Geo and Spatial Sciences Department

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NWU Geo and Spatial Sciences Department

NWU Geo and Spatial Sciences Department – See Details Below:

Welcome to the School of Geo and Spatial Sciences

Geography and Environmental Management is the science where the interaction between mankind and its environment is studied and researched. A relatively new branch of Geography, namely Environmental Management, focuses on the specific analysis of the impact of man on the environment, and how to manage these impacts. Undergraduate training aims to provide a strong theoretical foundation in human and physical geography while postgraduate training focuses on different environmental management approaches and tools.

The School of Geo- and Spatial Sciences has a vision to provide relevant value-driven training and research of international standard, focussed on proven expertise within the environmental sciences and development. The structuring of the School consists of Geology, Geography and Environmental Management and Urban and Regional Planning, providing a unique suite of disciplines to form the basis for comprehensive multidisciplinary training and research to equip students in becoming well rounded environmental scientists. The quality of programmes is ensured by regular external evaluation.

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Research projects are done in environmental management, ecological remediation and sustainable development, biodiversity and conservation ecology, water sciences, plant protection, environmental ecology, soil science, and urban and regional planning. Environmental scientists are active as fundamental biologists and academics, researchers, nature conservationists, grassland managers, environmental managers, environmental consultants, -auditors, -planners and -impact assessors, in tourism and as urban and regional planners.

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