National Benchmark Test NBT What Does It Entail

National Benchmark Test NBT What Does It Entail

What does the NBT test entail?

The AQL (compulsory for all students who are required to write the NBT) aims to test proficiency in language comprehension as well as logic-based numerical skills. It assesses knowledge learned in the senior high school phase.

It aims to assess whether students will be able to apply knowledge learnt in high school to the tertiary context. The AQL section comprises approximately 75 multiple-choice questions. The NBT test assesses readiness for tertiary study. It is made up of two assessments: AQL and MAT.

  • The Academic Literacy (AL) sections will require reading of various texts with multiple choice questions referring to the text. Some questions are general knowledge-based. Questions on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary are included. It predominantly assesses the ability to understand the meaning and application of various texts as well as understanding and applying the argument or main point of the author.
  • The Quantitative Literacy (QL) sections assess a student’s capacity to: understand basic numerical concepts, read and interpret graphs, reason logically and identify patterns and trends. It is largely based on the Grade 11 Maths Literacy syllabus.
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The MAT paper is a separate three-hour paper (only written by students applying for certain degree programmes and who have done Core Maths at school) and assesses mostly Grade 11 Core Maths syllabus content although some Grade 12 work is included, depending on the time of year the assessment is written.

It also takes a multiple-choice format. It tests proficiency in such areas as problem-solving and modelling, functions, trigonometry, spatial perception, and probability.

Both the AQL and MAT are differentiated into cognitive levels, meaning there is a range in difficulty in each section – with the easier applications generally coming first.

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