Mnambithi TVET College Bursaries

Mnambithi TVET College Bursaries

Mnambithi TVET College Bursaries 2022 – 2023

Mnambithi TVET College Bursaries 2022 – 2023

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Department of Higher Education and Training bursaries are available for National Certificate Vocational courses and Report 191 (NATED or ‘N’) courses at public TVET Colleges to students who meet the criteria.  These bursaries are not loans.  The bursaries are administered by the National Student Financial Aid Service (NSFAS).  Other bursaries are also available, which will vary from college to college.  Prospective students should enquire at the college at which you plan to enrol as to what bursaries are available for the course that you would like to study.

Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET College bursaries that are administered by the NSFAS, are readily available but are subject to two important criteria.  Namely, the prospective student will be required to undergo a ‘means test’ that will indicate that the student really does need financial assistance and secondly, that the student has a good academic performance record.  Prospective students who believe that they may meet these criteria should contact their nearest public TVET College.  The college will provide the application forms and oversee the application process.

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