Mnambithi TVET College Admission Requirements

Mnambithi TVET College Admission Requirements

Mnambithi TVET College Admission Requirements 2022-2023

Mnambithi TVET College Admission Requirements 2022-2023

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Entry Criteria

  • Entry requirements for all programmes for all qualifications must comply with the requirements specified by the relevant authorities, e.g. Department of Education; Department of Higher Education; SETAs, etc.
  • Each specific programme may require additional competency assessment prior to enrolment.  Contact your campus for the requirements of the programme you want to enrol for. E.g. Electrical – colour competency; Mechanical – eye/hand coordination; Civil and Electrical – no fear of heights.
  • Students with physical; mental; educational challenges or disabilities must be screened/interviewed, counselled and placed in appropriate programmes, or may be required to submit a report from a qualified psychologist/doctor.
  • Learnership students will be screened according to the SETA requirements for the programme of enrolment.
  • An exception may be made by the Campus Manager for admission granted on age and/or experience.  In such instances, it needs to be established that although the student does not have the formal minimum requirement, work experience and maturity make the probability of success likely.
  • In the case of students with certification from foreign countries, the Department of Higher Education and Training provides the appropriate guidelines.  Where no such guide for a specific certificate can be found, the student may be advised to liaise with SAQA in order to verify the qualification.
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