Is the National Benchmark Test NBT Compulsory

Is the National Benchmark Test NBT Compulsory

Most South African universities require applicants to write the NBT test. So the answer to this question is – it depends on where and what you are applying for, but the most likely answer is, yes! Besides first-year applicants, some post-graduate degrees (for example MBA programs) require the NBT as well as certain scenarios where students need to change degrees or universities.

So, the NBT is NOT just for first-year applicants. You may need to write the AQL and the MAT or just the AQL.

Below we have summarised a table of which universities and departments require the NBT. The second table will help you to see whether you need to write just the AQL or the AQL and the MAT based on what and where you are studying as well as results to aim for and what dates you need to have written it by.

University Required? Department
UCT Yes All
Wits Yes Health Sciences
Stellenbosch Yes All
Rhodes Yes All
Tuks Yes Health & Veterinary Science
UFS Yes All
UKZN Yes Medicine

*Each institution determines which tests are required i.e the university and faculty where you apply will determine which tests you must write (AQL or MAT, or both). Please check with each institution/faculty where you intend to apply before you register for the NBTs with regards to their application requirements including closing dates and deadlines for receiving NBT results. Please note that each university has different requirements and each faculty may require different tests or have different deadlines.

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