Henley Business School History

Henley Business School History

Henley Business School began life at Greenlands the end of the second World War.

It aimed to bring together both public and private sector employees from across the country, to promote ‘the exchange of ideas to mutual advantage’ and develop their skills for the future.

Over the years, both the programmes offered and the individuals attending diversified. In 1968, the first senior management course was offered, and the first Masters, MPhil and PhD programmes were launched in the Seventies.

In the 1980s, the college was renamed ‘Henley Management College’ as the institution delivered ‘mid-career- management education. Scholarships were made available for women in management and head teachers. The Henley MBA was launched in 1985, and shortly after, Henley began the journey to become a truly international school. The MBA was also launched in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa over the next decade.

In the 1990s, the college also began to offer its first business degree – BA in Management and Business Administration.

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In 2008, Henley Management College merged with the University of Reading, to offer a full portfolio of business education.

Henley Business School’s undergraduate, postgraduate taught masters, professional management and PhD programmes are all delivered from Whiteknights. Our business school was purpose-built in 2009, and our lecture theatres and seminar rooms are all equipped with the latest technology. There’s also a Business Library, exclusively for the use of our students. It provides an ideal place for private and group study and easy access to specialist online and offline resources and services